Parties and Themes

Sorry everyone for the huge delay in between posts! I got distracted by summer and writer’s block. Fortunately, last weekend I had got to make something photo worthy that inspired me to share.

This cake project was so fun and right up my alley… I got to make a mermaid cake for my little niece. Her birthday is the day after mine and being the summer babies that we are, we both love to be in the water. Mermaids… pool party… doesn’t get much better than that. I also love to have a cohesive theme to work with. My nieces are such great party planners that it makes my job easy. The theme, a picture of an inspiration and the colors are what they give me.

The cake was the family favorite vanilla cake with a simple, weather resistant frosting, because looking good isn’t my ultimate goal. I want the cake to taste good too! My biggest challenge was the tail. Suffice it to say that there might have more than one mermaid tail in my dining room to see which one would work best. :-O The winner was made from gum paste, something new I tried for the first time. The rest of the cake is all covered in fondant. For those of you that are not familiar with fondant, it is basically marshmallow flavored edible play dough.

I also brought cupcakes. Vanilla cupcakes. Why, you ask, would I bring mini versions of the cake? That is something I have learned about parties with littles. Cupcakes are so much easier for kids to eat, and there is so much less waiting for the cake to be cut. As a bonus this time, I added some cake pops because I had so much cake left over from carving the tail it seemed silly to waste it. The sea glass candy was a an experiment, it turned out pretty well! Surprisingly easy to make… seriously, like boiling water.

Starting with a theme and colors is such an easy way to really pull off a party that people will remember. I just bring the sweets, my nieces both have all a great eye for planning and easy entertaining that the cakes are just a small part of it. They stick to the colors, start with an invitation to let people know what to expect, set up stations for different things, label as much as they can, and ask for help from talented guests. One of the couples that are regular attendees at these family parties makes amazing sculptures with melons… so guess who is in charge of bring the fruit? Don’t do everything yourself and keep it simple. If you are relaxed because you know you have set up a comfortable atmosphere, you AND your guests will have more fun… just don’t forget to eat the food and the sweets!


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