Sharing happiness!

20170603_135211190_iOSEat Sweets… Be Happy!

Sweets can’t fix all things, but they sure can make you happy in the moment. I am a big advocate of all things in moderation, especially dessert. I try to eat healthy and make as much as I can from scratch with ingredients I can spell. This desire to know what is in my food has been a driving force behind starting my own baking business… that, and the requests from my nieces to step outside my comfort zone and make prettier cakes than I have ever made before! I have also been working on teaching kids how to bake, and I would love to teach grownups too!

This blog is going to be my way of sharing my love of sweets with you. I talk to so many people that say they can’t bake, but it isn’t nearly as hard as you think. Follow me to learn some basics that can help you learn to bake with fresh ingredients.

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